24 Jan 2022
Jami giving good happy face, as well as a couple nice whimpers, while I’m flogging her.
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18 Jan 2021
Punching Jami’s butt in an assortment of friendly ways..
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16 Dec 2020
Trying out a couple ideas with Jami, failing with mutual entertainment.
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13 Oct 2020
Encouraging Jami to process pain via bouncing, despite her nipples being attached to the wall.
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22 Sep 2020
Anchoring Jami’s nipples just a bit above what’s comfortable.
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04 Jun 2020
Jami contributing helpful suggestions on ways I can be awful to her tits, then making piteous noises about it.
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09 May 2020
Jami making the saddest little faces while I torment her with a hot trailer hitch.
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19 Apr 2020
Playfully being mean to Jami, mostly hurting her cunt which is not getting less wet.
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20 Mar 2020
Getting to use Jami’s tits like increasingly tender cat toys.
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05 Mar 2020
Jami getting a small and quiet orgasm, then whimpering when I don’t stop.
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20 Feb 2020
Being mean to Jami’s various sexual bits while we’re waiting for metal to cool.
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