09 May 2022
Slapping and punching Jami’s tits, and pulling on her nipples.
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06 May 2022
Hazel getting herself off while I watch with my cock in one hand and a camera in the other.
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17 Apr 2022
Pinning Dolly to the bed by standing on her hair while tickling (and spanking and punching and etcetera-ing) her.
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06 Apr 2022
Paddling Nina’s cunt with an eye toward maximum soreness and swelling.
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29 Mar 2022
Hazel practically vibrating with how *not* turned on she is by our field trip.
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16 Feb 2022
Nina being much more bothered by their nipple being reoriented inwards than by any of the hitting I’m doing.
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29 Jan 2022
Orienting the nipple clamps to pull the other direction, which I should really remember for another scene.
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30 Sep 2021
Nina finding that leaning forward helps with the nipple pull, but not the electric insertable.
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