11 Aug 2022
Mauling the heck out of Rose’s tits, after giving her a small reward to make that sound like a better idea.
05 Aug 2022
Topless running in place with Jenny Mace's beautiful breasts bouncing painfully.
06 Jul 2022
Going back and forth between a paddle and a meat tenderizer on Rose’s gorgeous breasts while she cries.
30 Jun 2022
Beating Jami until she pleads for something that she doesn’t want, then not doing it.
17 Jun 2022
Endza having a hard time in a predicament- moving away from the poky-zappy thing at her asshole means yanking on her own nipples.
21 May 2022
Endza abusing her own clamped nipples by trying to jerk away from me hitting and menacing her cunt and asshole.
18 May 2022
Rose reinforcing my fetish for pretty girls in white oxford shirts.
15 May 2022
Punching and paddling Dolly's bits, mostly her butt, and her cute reactions as she figures out how to process it.
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17 Apr 2022
Pinning Dolly to the bed by standing on her hair while tickling (and spanking and punching and etcetera-ing) her.
08 Mar 2022
Poking at Nina's belly and thigh with a TENS wand turned up very high.
04 Feb 2022
Doing some awful things to Amy Nicole’s cunt with hot, cold, stretching, and impact.
24 Jan 2022
Jami giving good happy face, as well as a couple nice whimpers, while I’m flogging her.
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