13 Jul 2022
Mixing intense electrical play with intense breath play while Nina quivers.
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25 Mar 2019
Dolly loving a belt around her neck, and having more complicated feelings about a boot tread dragged through her cunt.
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16 Aug 2017
Syren having a great orgasm when I push my cock into her un-warmed-up ass.
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29 Aug 2016
Syren synchronizing self-breath-play with intense pain with orgasms.
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03 Nov 2018
Failing over enjoyably from throat fucking to hurting Kel’s tits.
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03 May 2017
Syren getting an awesome-looking orgasm while she can't breathe, after suffering for it with electricity.
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02 Aug 2017
Pushing Nina just a little further after an orgasm, using electricity and painful levels of vibration.
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29 Jun 2017
Syren getting just enough air to alternate love-y and complain-y sounds while I’m pounding her cervix.
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18 Jul 2017
Tightening down the chest compression enough that Syren turns some interesting colors while I fuck her.
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02 Sep 2019
Both of us enjoying the minimal warmup before fucking Syren in bondage.
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13 Jul 2017
Running enough current through Nina’s cunt that they have a fucking fabulous looking orgasm.
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24 Jun 2020
Hazel enjoying super intense orgasms and breath play, then the most warm & fuzzy facial you’ve ever seen.
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