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20 Nov 2020
Syren squirting a lot more than usual, during some intense play.
12 Jan 2021
Warming up Hazel with repeated cunt spankings, once the bondage is enough to keep her from closing her legs.
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01 Sep 2021
Fucking Autumn’s asshole with nettle stems, after opening it up roughly with several fingers.
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15 Feb 2020
Hazel being very conscious of the camera recording various ways of hitting her cunt.
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27 Dec 2020
Fucking and stretching and slapping Syren’s cunt while she can’t breathe.
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27 Sep 2020
Fucking Syren while she’s pinned in place by chest compression.
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18 Sep 2021
Hazel providing visual enrichment for me both while I get off, and about a million times again since.
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24 Mar 2021
Using nettles to hurt all of the insides of Autumn’s cunt, while she watches in the viewfinder.
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30 Mar 2020
Taking Hazel instantly from barely tolerating how deep I’m fucking to enjoying it a lot, by adding this meat tenderizer.
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21 Dec 2015
Making Autumn *earn* being able to use the mallet to beat her own cunt and asshole to orgasm.
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01 Jan 2022
Autumn masturbating while trying hard not to spill any of my piss.
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03 Oct 2020
Giving Autumn All The Orgasms, while she hits her cunt and watches herself in the mirror.
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