“I’m trying, I’m trying really hard”

Published: 2019-08-28
Filmed: 2012-07-05

One of my favorite ways to torment Autumn is to beat her cunt to orgasms, as long as her legs are wide open. This can make for some great extended edging, because she’ll tend to close her legs as she gets close, I stop hitting, she opens her legs, I hit some more, she has the start of an orgasm but closes her legs so I stop again, rinse & repeat. We do this a bit (with all her sensitive bits bright red from nettle stings), but then add a twist: as soon as she closes her legs, I’m going to use some more nettles. She tries *so* hard, but closing her legs is pretty inevitable when I’m hitting her cunt that hard and she’s coming over and over again.

There’s also some random bits of me fucking her ass tagged on to the end of this- the camera coverage is terrible because at that point we were both not thinking so much about the cameras. I think her reactions are still pretty enjoyable, Autumn gets off on really rough anal so this was firmly in the ‘reward’ category. There’s also a bit of us joking (just after I’ve gotten off admiring how sore and swollen her cunt is with nettle stings) about who gets to use the rest of the bag she harvested.

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