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04 Nov 2017
Mauling the crap out of Kel’s tits while I get off.
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09 Aug 2015
Endza abusing her own clamped nipples by trying to jerk away from me hitting and menacing her cunt and asshole.
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17 Oct 2017
Paddling Amy Nicole in some sensitive places, occasionally using her inner labia to hold her in place.
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26 Feb 2017
Rose asking to be hit in the one spot I’ve warmed up a bunch- her asshole.
01 Dec 2021
Kel and I playfully shifting the scene around toward what we intended to focus on - hitting her cunt until it’s all swollen.
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20 Sep 2019
Teasing a new person coming to the site, with video Hazel Rabbit and I shot while testing out a fancy and exciting (back in 2010) camera.
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04 Jul 2019
Trying first beating Kel, then pulling her away from the wall by sensitive bits, while she’s determined not to pull off the clamps holding her in place.
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06 Oct 2016
Fastening Syren in to the chair, and getting the TENS and Hitachi set up.
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15 Feb 2020
Hazel being very conscious of the camera recording various ways of hitting her cunt.
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31 May 2018
Dolly and I getting started on some specialized instruction at my highly-fictional-to-the-point-of-not-having-a-name school.
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20 Mar 2020
Getting to use Jami’s tits like increasingly tender cat toys.
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21 Jun 2016
Syren’s hopscotch lunch break continues, plus clothespins and jumprope.
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15 Dec 2014
Making Candy scream with a metal clothespin on her labia, hooked up to a TENS unit.
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