Everyone Likes Candy (short #3)

Updated: 2020-12-22
Published: 2013-04-22
Filmed: 2006-03-07

I did a complete re-grade and re-edit of this whole scene from scratch. The parts broke out very differently; there still happened to be five, so I’m matching the new parts to the old by number. I’ll leave the original description at the bottom. There’s also a zipfile of the whole scene’s stills, which I’ve upgraded as well. Extra gold-star bonus: I got Lauren to write up fresh descriptions of what it's like watching these now!


Lauren says:

Ahhh, the cable ties. They went with the aesthetic and energy so well. (It didn’t hurt matters that they showcased Candy’s upper arms Really Well, either.) There’s some great crying in this portion, too, starting when I take a nasty, stingy Lucite paddle to her inner thighs and sore breasts while she’s bound. (I knew it would be tough for her because it would be tough for me, and as she commented in the first clip, we’re basically the same person.) The tears turn to trembles and gasps for the knifeplay that follows. This is about the middle of the intense scene we negotiated, and I was pushing her very hard by this point.

(I turned to my partner after watching this clip and said aloud, “Wow. I’m a bastard.”)

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(description of original edit)
Lauren beats up an Candy with a nightstick, then zipties her to a chainlink fence for some fierce slapping, punching, and paddling, most of it on her breasts. The hottest moment is when Lauren makes her ask nicely to be hit, she does, Lauren does, and then with tears on her face she says "please hit me again" with a great smile.

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