13 Dec 2021
Filling Syren’s cunt with one-inch-diameter steel balls.
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06 Oct 2016
Fastening Syren in to the chair, and getting the TENS and Hitachi set up.
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21 Jun 2016
Syren’s hopscotch lunch break continues, plus clothespins and jumprope.
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27 Sep 2020
Fucking Syren while she’s pinned in place by chest compression.
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29 May 2016
Syren visiting on her lunch break to run through a slightly earlier version of the ultimate hopscotch course.
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27 Sep 2017
Playfully kicking Syren’s tits and cunt, interspersed with her sucking my cock very nicely.
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13 Sep 2017
Syren threatening retribution for my spanking her cunt before fucking her ass some more.
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03 May 2017
Syren getting an awesome-looking orgasm while she can't breathe, after suffering for it with electricity.
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06 Sep 2020
Syren and I conducting a trial run of the compression bondage fucking table.
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25 Jan 2017
Syren and I discarding an electric insertable in her cunt for one in her asshole.