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13 Dec 2015
Nina taking the bigger trailer hitch extra-heated, then as much hot steel chain as I can fit into them.
22 Mar 2020
Beating Autumn’s poor(?) abused asshole to orgasms with a stick, and fucking it roughly with a trailer hitch and a steel rod.
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15 Jan 2018
Nina making some good faces at how much better steel holds heat than aluminum.
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19 Jun 2013
Fucking Autumn’s ass, alternating between my cock and an only-a-couple-degrees-above-freezing steel rod.
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01 Sep 2020
Getting Autumn off a couple more times with the meat tenderizer, then using her completely warmed up and ready-for-it asshole.
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17 Dec 2013
Beating Autumn's cunt with a meat tenderizer, then making her ask very specifically to put her tongue in my ass.
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02 Jun 2013
Autumn fucking a freezing-cold stainless steel rod in and out of her own asshole.
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17 Aug 2013
Autumn trying to come by beating her own cunt and asshole, but losing coordination every time she gets close.
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27 Aug 2013
Beating Autumn’s asshole and cunt to orgasm with a steel rod.
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04 Oct 2021
Autumn and I getting ready for the very first time my cock went into her asshole.
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01 May 2018
Syren having an awesome orgasm with her ass full of my cock at the same time her cunt is full of steel balls.
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