Modeling High-Quality Consent

Updated: 2021-10-16
Published: 2017-08-24
Filmed: 2016-11-14
So, it’s hot but I still kind of feel bad when I go back and watch this. I start off hitting Kel’s various bits with the gummiknüppel, which is great. Then I remember that our plan for this scene was to thoroughly fluid-bond her with a Kel-specific belt. *Then* I remember how well she does anticipating and processing single super-intense things, and form the idea of hitting her across the back with it. There’s some interesting communication, both verbal and nonverbal, about that, before we do it. The “modeling high-quality consent” title is a quote from me, saying it sarcastically. The second half of this video is aftercare (middlecare?), after some very sincere screaming and crying. I didn't model best practices here, but it happened, we talked about at the time and since, and we both had a really fun rest of the scene.
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