“A very loose definition of nice”

Published: 2014-08-10
Filmed: 2013-10-29

I fuck Nina with both ends of the steel rod, then slap their cunt *really* hard, a lot. The mean ridged end of the rod is really intense in a good way, and they come all over it when I push the slightly wider ridge (which I think was intended to be hand-guard-ish) into them. Nina then does a great job of holding their hips forward for me to slap their cunt very hard. It’s a struggle, but you can also see how drippingly wet they get after some especially good slaps.

This video is a straight shot all the way through, with both camera angles running next to each other. They were both spectacularly hot, and I figured ways to arrange things so that the relevant parts of each are simultaneously visible at full size.

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