Self-Consciousness Is Fun!

Published: 2014-06-11
Filmed: 2013-10-29

Nina is possessed of a fair amount of self-conscious awkwardness, a great deal of hotness, and excellent pain-processing abilities. We take advantage of all three of those with some naked hopscotch with clothespins on their nipples.

I think one of the keys to BDSM is creating internal conflict. Making someone do something uncomfortable and vulnerable-looking is an underrated way to poke at that (especially if it’s already a button for them). As supporting evidence, I would like to point at a moment about three and a half minutes into this. If you go to 3:30 and pause the video, then play it very slowly through about the next two seconds, you will see precisely what I mean.

0:20 preview

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Speaking of slowed-down playback; I didn't tack any slow-mo footage on the end this time, but don't miss the opportunity to watch their (great) tits bouncing that way. The video is 60 progressive frames a second, which looks fabulous played back at a lower framerate. VLC has a simple slider for 'playback speed', QuickTime Player will do it if you hold down 'K' then 'L' (or 'J' for backwards), I dunno about Windows Media Player.
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