“Please Make It Fit?”

Updated: 2020-06-04
Published: 2012-04-08
Filmed: 2010-09-21
I use a heavy mallet to pound extra-large dildos into Autumn’s cunt. She asks very nicely for it and comes hard several times. Very intense and very hot. The preview video is of the *smaller* of two cocks.
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I've shown this video a couple of times at a 'Rough Sex' workshop I teach, and people get very excited about it. Obviously, you don't just haul off and start pounding. ^-^ A couple things I've learned doing this:
  • Nobody makes short enough dildos. Even the shortest one I've got (the huge black one in the second half of this video) is still barely too long for this. If I'm going to really pound on it after it's in, I need to choke up and shorten it using my hand around the shaft. I've run into a similar issue with another partner who loves really hard fucking (even harder than I can do with my cock) but really just wants those first couple inches plus the impact around the opening. We ended up finding a butt plug that was just the right shape, but it's not quite rigid enough and lacks a good grippy handle. I'm sure there's a business opportunity here for someone.
  • Non-penetrative tapping is pretty awesome. Or so I hear. Slow progressing to rapid tapping, with the head of the cock sitting right at the vaginal opening, seems to go over well. Tapping with it aimed a little higher might or might not be a good idea.
  • That first step's a doozy. The first time we did this, I pounded gently with the dildo not-in, then pushed it in by hand, then pounded gently on it some more while holding it in place with my hand (a key skill). The transition from not-in to in is the most intense part, you may want to work up to it. I would say it's Autumn's favorite now.
  • Watch the hand. The hand holding the dildo in place is pretty important. It lets you control the depth, keep the dildo from flying back out across the room, plus use the meat of your hand to transmit secondary impact to the external areas. If you're dexterous you can also pull the dildo out a bit (or more than a bit) after each blow, then hammer it in while holding it lined up.
  • The visual counts. Making your partner watch while you wave a big mallet around near their genitals enhances the experience significantly.
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