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19 Dec 2012
Bratty redhead with pale skin chained to the floor while being pinched and paddled.
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07 Jan 2017
Soothing Madison’s raw skin with some ice, then warming her back up when she gets chilled.
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17 Mar 2012
Flogging Madison Young’s front until she’s bright red.
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14 Dec 2016
Pushing Madison Young hard without leaving lasting marks, using mostly a scrub brush and tiny canes.
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20 Nov 2016
Scrubbing down Madison, first with a heavy scrub brush then with an electric toothbrush.
02 Mar 2022
Autumn sucking my cock and having her redheaded cunt beaten.
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02 Apr 2012
Slapping and mauling Madison Young’s cute little tits.
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01 Sep 2021
Fucking Autumn’s asshole with nettle stems, after opening it up roughly with several fingers.
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25 Mar 2012
Wrestling Madison Young out of her cheerleader’s uniform, and taking lots of advantage.
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22 Sep 2012
Caning Madison while she’s strapped down and open over a spanking bench.
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16 Apr 2012
Going back and forth between slapping Madison Young’s cunt and her tits, for a long time.
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19 Jul 2019
Making sure that Autumn’s asshole and cunt are on fire with nettle stings, then fucking her to some fabulous orgasms.
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