Published: 2018-11-19
Filmed: 2017-09-17

Amy Nicole likes challengingly big toys. We had fun with the huge steel dildo I machined for her, but I wanted to make it more difficult. We had some extended and entertaining conversations about what would make for maximum practical discomfort, which led me to grinding some crosshatching into the sides giving it some extra texture to go with the girth.

I also had been thinking how hot it would be to have it inexorably raised into someone who couldn’t get away. Several conversations with very handy friends later, the Bad Idea Fucking Machine was born (thanks Jim Duvall and Eric-who-may-not-want-public-credit). It’s a scissor jack like you’d use for lifting a motorcycle, mated to an electric motor with a variable speed control, with a mechanism for bolting a steel dildo to the top. Prudence dictates a fairly slow top speed, but it is not short on intensity when you’re strapped into it. This is the point in the scene where she’s warmed up and we start experimenting with the new thing.

I’d also like to tip my hat to Jeff Gord. I’ve been the computer guy for House of Gord for many years, and had the pleasure of knowing him for about ten of those. He was a character, mad scientist personified, and built some really amazing gear that they’re still shooting with (you might also recognize a few faces if you visit). Complicated technical bondage isn’t really my thing, but I could certainly relate to his glee when a plan came together. The last few years, I’ve occasionally found myself inspired to experiment with things that are a little more Gordian than my usual style. Thanks Jeff, thinking of you.

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