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21 Oct 2019
Hazel being (quite reasonably) terrified of me zapping her asshole, but managing to ask for it anyway.
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01 Sep 2015
Endza having a hard time in a predicament- moving away from the poky-zappy thing at her asshole means yanking on her own nipples.
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18 Sep 2017
Amy Nicole’s brain and body conflicting beautifully in a combination of difficult self-control and serious helplessness.
10 Sep 2021
Lo offering her tits for me to do terrible things to.
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08 Feb 2019
Jami and I doing some pretty intense play that is almost entirely verbal.
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28 Apr 2019
Tormenting Autumn’s nipples and asshole with stinging nettles.
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26 Oct 2013
Making Emily light a trail of flash cotton that leads to herself.
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24 Jan 2018
Fucking Amy Nicole with a rapidly-melting-but-still-huge ice dildo, and a gigantic steel dildo (sriracha bottle for scale).
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06 Jun 2017
Enjoying the tension of Amy Nicole trying to hold still and wait for me to hit her in pretty much all my favorite ways.
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