Syren Turning Interesting Colors

Published: 2020-10-18
Filmed: 2017-02-16

Syren and I do some pretty seriously intense breath play and cunt spanking. The bondage is interesting because her arms are completely free, but her torso is very much pinned in place and she can’t do much with them (like get away from intentionally painful fucking).

The hard parts of this are the cunt spanking and the breath play though. Syren is not actually a fan of having her cunt spanked, but she knows how much of a thing it is for me, and she does like things that are hard and scary. There’s some pretty sincere ‘no’-ing, which I didn’t include in the teaser video because I don’t want to show it without all the surrounding video showing the degree of collaborative scene building we’re doing.

The compression of her chest is intense, there are a bunch of ways this was a pretty risky scene. As I mentioned in the descriptions for the other scene where we played with this, Syren has a unique combination of professional and semi-professional training that make her one of the only people (possibly the only person) I would trust to do this kind of breath play with.

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