“Your whole hand in my cunt”

Published: 2020-05-25
Filmed: 2010-09-15

Hazel and I have epic intense sex, which includes my whole hand to the forearm in her cunt. I’ve already been beating her cunt a bunch so she’s tender and turned on to start with, but the video has her not-quite-getting-to-come until she can ask me to hit her with my cock, then a little bit of really nice raw fucking, then my hand in her cunt, then we escalate from there until she’s come so hard and so many times that she’s crying and we snuggle. We took a little mid-scene break at this point, partly because the food I had in the oven for us was ready. I left in a bit of that transition a) for contrast with the scary-looking and b) because she’s really cute and those little real-life moments make me happy to watch again.

(Please don’t use this video as your model for how much warmup fisting should involve, Hazel and I are skilled special snowflakes who know each other extremely well.)

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