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08 Feb 2019
Jami and I doing some pretty intense play that is almost entirely verbal.
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10 Mar 2020
Being very awful to Autumn’s various tender bits for my extra enjoyment while getting off.
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15 Jul 2020
Autumn trying *so* hard to keep her legs open while I’m hitting her cunt with a meat tenderizer.
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07 Oct 2015
Taking advantage of Endza’s predicament to push a cold steel rod into her asshole, then make her come repeatedly.
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06 Jun 2017
Enjoying the tension of Amy Nicole trying to hold still and wait for me to hit her in pretty much all my favorite ways.
22 Apr 2020
Making Endza beg to have her face pushed into her own puddle of come.
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13 May 2017
Hitting Kel hard so she tries to yank away from her tits, which are fastened very firmly in place.
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09 Aug 2015
Endza abusing her own clamped nipples by trying to jerk away from me hitting and menacing her cunt and asshole.
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19 Mar 2016
Finding out what kinds of interesting ways Endza’s cunt will clench when it’s held wide open with clamps.
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15 Jul 2018
Mounting Dolly on a dildo that’s too big for her.
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06 Apr 2018
Dolly being very determined *not* to ask me to switch to the other breast.
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01 Sep 2015
Endza having a hard time in a predicament- moving away from the poky-zappy thing at her asshole means yanking on her own nipples.
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