“A Teardrop of Happiness”

Updated: 2021-06-10
Published: 2015-02-14
Filmed: 2014-12-26

Jenny Mace has some great reactions to being fastened into the bondage chair. There’s all the cringing and eek-ing you’d expect, for instance when we cinch down the zipties holding her collar in place. There’s also another reaction…

So, fans of hers may have noticed the evolution of Jenny’s nakedness. Our first couple shoots, she wore panties while spectacular things happened to her tits. Then she was very brave and let Tony fasten her to the wall while shaving her cunt with a straight razor. Then she did the big naked electrified hopscotch scene that involved crawling and bending over a lot while working her way through obstacles.

This time though, her legs are fastened wide with a GoPro immediately below her. She is *super* uncomfortable with this (which honestly makes it even better for me). As we’re attaching zipties to prevent her closing her legs, there is a clear and striking physical response you can see from that camera. Being a very considerate mean man, I call Tony’s attention to it, and we discuss how much she’s obviously hating this while Jenny tries to die of embarrassment.

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