An Unintentional Equestrian Theme

Updated: 2020-03-21
Published: 2014-06-05
Filmed: 2014-02-17

Endza and I warm up for me to use a dressage whip on her. First I use a jump bat on her pleasingly prominent pubic mound. Then there's some slapping and kneeing, then I start using the dressage whip- it's like a crop, but with a cracker on the end instead of a kindly flap of leather. This raises some nice welts right away, on top of the ones from the quirt earlier. This scene was her first time doing anything on video, and she's got a cute reaction to me turning the monitors on the cameras around.

I'm embarrassed to say the obvious equestrian theme didn't even occur to me at the moment, I should have made her neigh or whinny or something.

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