“Ask me to hit nice and hard”

Updated: 2020-09-30
Published: 2019-07-14
Filmed: 2019-03-28

Nina hooked up to a violet wand, and fastened in place with their hips pushed forward. If I hit hard with the metal cane, it just feels like a thwack. (ahem ‘just’ feels like a hit from a flexible metal cane) If I run the metal cane gently over their skin, the electricity arcs where I’m touching and it hurts much more.

Tech note: they’re (relatively) isolated from ground via padding on the strut, and I tucked the wand contact into an ankle cuff. I’m isolated from ground standing on rubber mats. The circuit is completed when my off hand is on the concrete wall or the bare strut, and I touch them with the cane (which is a design I really like from Scott Paul). Also there’s a negotiation moment I feel good about at the end.

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