“Because I’m terrified!”

Published: 2020-08-09
Filmed: 2012-03-16

It takes a lot to get Autumn to panic, but I think this might have been the first time we played with hot metal insertables. Her level of terror is pretty great for both of us. I’m holding the metal rod in my bare hand, but apparently her cunt is more sensitive to heat than my hand is.

There’s this great moment about two minutes in where she’s completely terrified and screaming, but then if you know what Autumn orgasm-screams sound like (which you probably should if you watch much video on here), you will detect a significant shift in tenor. I stop just in time to spoil it, and the rest of the video is her trying very hard to hold her legs open long enough to get orgasms. If hot and painful and approaching orgasm (especially that last one) cause her to close her legs, I stop, and she makes the *best* frustrated noises. Once it gets easier for her I switch to the ridged end of the rod, which besides feeling sharp going in and out, has also retained more heat.

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