“Define awful”

Updated: 2022-02-04
Published: 2017-08-07
Filmed: 2017-03-04

I get to do some awful things to Amy Nicole’s cunt; with heat, with cold, with cold plus stretching, and with impact. We start out with a steel rod heated up to painful-but-not-damaging. Then I use the re-chilled meat tenderizer that I can actually fuck her with one end of the head of. I try to provide motivation for her to push it out by using a paddle on her belly, to no avail. Eventually I pull it out and graduate to hitting her cunt with the paddle, pretty hard.

(Incidentally, Tantus is claiming that their silicone toys aren’t eaten by contact with Pjur branded silicone lube. I’ve been occasionally testing this, and so far so good. No sponsorship/compensation, just a fan of both.)

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