“I am officially come-drunk”

Published: 2019-01-29
Filmed: 2018-07-23

If you’re looking for polished and pretty sex, this is not it. This is Kel and I having really raw and intense sex the way we both like, with me fucking and hitting her cunt hard while she comes over and over. At the beginning of the clip, we’re taking a break because her whole abdominal cavity has started cramping from how deep and hard I’ve been fucking her. From there we form a plan that I’ll focus on hurting her outsides more and her insides less, and then we do that until her face and the bed are covered in her come and she can’t form coherent sentences and then we snuggle.

Her wobbliness at the end is just so adorable that I made the teaser about that instead of the hot sex that led to it, because if you've watched any of the rest of our stuff you've probably got a good idea of what it looks like. Also, I'm working on a pretty amazing new tagging system. The mauling of her tits you can see in the little microtease doesn't quite fit into the current setup, but I'm just going to wait rather than trying to shoehorn it in.

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