“I don’t think you should make me do this”

Published: 2019-05-25
Filmed: 2012-04-25
Autumn beats her (visibly very wet which she strenuously denies) cunt with a small abrasive paddle. The toy started out as a cane, onto which someone helpfully folded a piece of some material we think is maybe deck tape for a skateboard or a boat - think extra rigid and grippy sandpaper. The idea for this scene was that she’d hit it until it was red and sore and swollen, then I’d fuck her. She starts out with the weeniest little tiny hits ever, until I point out that it’s going to take a *long* time to get to red and swollen that way. There’s a chunk of this clip where she’s using a hand to hold one side of her cunt open and her other hand to swing the paddle, and I’m using a hand to hold the other side of her cunt open and my other hand to hold a camera. The net result is a great closeup of the insides of her cunt reacting as she hits them.
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