Love in a Construction Zone

Published: 2020-06-09
Filmed: 2012-06-01

Hazel speaks my love language of bouncing tits and ponytail beautifully (also omg that butt). We’re playing in what eventually became the dungeon of our last house, with the original salmon-colored paint job and before the bounce-people-off-it wall went in, so there are random cans of paint and pieces of plywood scattered around. There’s also the first draft of my ultimate hopscotch course taped in on the ground, and we manage just fine. I think the bruises on her butt are from an intense caning scene we did a week or so before.

(There’s also a great example of a course correction at about 1:15 - I’m excited about all the How To Hopscotch stuff I learned on the internet, but it’s spoiling the fun for her. I listen to that and refocus on the bouncing, and the scene works much better from there!)

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