Reaction Shot (short #6)

Published: 2015-04-14
Filmed: 2006-08-15
Candy likes to play hard, but she’s nearing the limit of what she can take of me hitting her feet. It’s some really intense play- Lauren and I decided to actually tone it down a little in the edit. I think we would have toned it down more if Candy hadn’t been able to so clearly talk afterwards about how and why her experience was really good.
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The whole second half of this scene, while she’s suspended and I’m working on her feet, one of the cameras wasn’t recording. I need to credit Red (who did the editing back when) and Joe (the other camera op) for really impressively saving it. Here's what I wrote about this a few years ago:

It felt horrible… I’d just done this incredibly hot and fun scene, great exit interview, feeling utterly pumped, and the fateful words were uttered: “uh-oh. um, guys…” Turned out B camera hadn’t been running the whole second half of the shoot. I don’t think I moved from my spot on the floor for twenty minutes after that. I’d just put tons of energy into this thing, and I was convinced it was going to be useless and the whole update would be horrible and noone would like it and I’d have to go live in a cardboard box and fight rats for food and people walking by would laugh, and possibly spit on me for making a boring shoot with nothing at all worth watching.

Then I watched the A & B cam footage from the first part of the shoot while we captured it pre-editing, and thought “Well that part looked great, maybe we can update with just the first half and it’ll be short but extra-good.” Then I watched the A cam footage capturing from the second half and thought “That’s some great footage, Joe did a great job. Maybe it’ll be alright after all, especially following up the first half.”

A few days later, watching Red’s rough cut, I thought “Boy, we make some hot smut, this captures the feel of the scene perfectly. We might need to tone down that one bit a little. Wasn’t this the one we were missing a camera for?” ^-^

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