Starting a Lab Scene

Published: 2020-10-29
Filmed: 2015-05-20

I honestly don’t even remember what our original plan going in to this scene was. Nina and I develop a scene on the fly together, mostly based on a series of ‘well that’s hot, now what if we…’ ideas. The base idea was bolting them to the wall by wrists and torso, then using nipple clamps attached to a point overhead to provide conflict. It then occurred to me that those clamps could be attached to a sandbag on the floor pulling out and down instead, with the overhead line instead providing something they could cling to in order to reduce that downward pull.

Lab scenes can be fun whether they’re just exploring a new toy or experimenting with branching new ideas, I bet we do end up creating a completely ridiculous Rube Goldberg machine at some point.

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