Testing Claire Adams (short #5)

Published: 2014-04-24
Filmed: 2006-02-16
I insert an electrified speculum into Claire Adams while she's ziptied to the fence, but have her stand up before we use it. She doesn't have a problem holding it in walking back and forth while I shock her, so eventually we just focus on anticipation and pain. I used one of my favorite Two Big Meanies moments ever as the teaser- maybe a little subtle, but intense. It’s a closeup of her mascara-streaked face, starting with her nodding at me to go ahead and turn it up again, gradually shifting as she struggles with it more and more, then screaming, then a wonderful moment with her holding my hand against her chest. It might look scary but we were both *really* good to go, Claire had a great time and says so in the closing interview.
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