Testing Claire Adams (short #4)

Published: 2014-03-26
Filmed: 2006-02-16
This is the meanest version of 'This Little Piggy' ever. I ziptie Claire Adams to a chainlink fence (by her *toes* for the first part), then start zapping her with the poky-zappy thing. She's tough and we connect really well. I start out with her toes (c.f. 'This Little Piggy'), then move down the backs of her legs, then really start taking advantage of just how spread open she is. There are actually two ways to use this toy- charging it before you touch the person, so there's a painful arc, or touching them then charging it, which actually hits the muscle pretty hard. I shock her asshole and the inside of her cunt, and there's quite a bit of screaming and tears.
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