01 Dec 2021
Kel and I playfully shifting the scene around toward what we intended to focus on - hitting her cunt until it’s all swollen.
27 Nov 2021
Lo taking my cock all the way down her throat and feeling very happy about it.
23 Nov 2021
Endza enjoying the challenge of being stretched with larger toys.
14 Nov 2021
Enjoying the tension of Amy Nicole trying to hold still and wait for me to hit her in pretty much all my favorite ways.
20 Oct 2021
Endza being rendered entertainingly nonverbal by finding a cock she likes on the fuckzall.
16 Oct 2021
Kel screaming and crying after one very hard stroke across her back with a belt.
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04 Oct 2021
Autumn and I getting ready for the very first time my cock went into her asshole.
22 Sep 2021
Working Kel Bowie over with some hard strokes of a belt.
14 Sep 2021
Comparing how two different dildos feel being pounded into Endza with a big heavy mallet.
10 Sep 2021
Lo offering her tits for me to do terrible things to.
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