02 Mar 2021
Exploring what kinds of painful things Kel Bowie can do when properly motivated.
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04 Jul 2019
Trying first beating Kel, then pulling her away from the wall by sensitive bits, while she’s determined not to pull off the clamps holding her in place.
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29 May 2019
Fastening Kel in place with very tight clamps on the skin of her forearms that will pull off if she moves, and beating her tits to try to make her move.
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03 May 2019
Hitting Kel’s tits and thighs nice and hard with a padded baseball bat.
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04 Apr 2019
Kel feeling very happy about being beaten with a padded baseball bat.
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15 Mar 2019
Beating Kel, mostly on her cunt, with a horsehair flogger while she screams and giggles.
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24 Feb 2019
Warming up Kel with a *very* nice braided horsehair flogger.
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29 Jan 2019
Fucking and slapping and punching Kel’s cunt until she’s a giggling mess of happy and can’t walk. 
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27 Nov 2018
Kel offering me her tits to punch, then enjoying some intentionally painful fucking.
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02 Oct 2018
Kel and I rapidly evolving ways to make the flappy ears work even better.
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12 Sep 2018
Trying a different toy spinning against Kel’s cunt. This one has slappy ears, which work great. 
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