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21 Mar 2013
Hump 2007 ‘Best Hardcore’ winner. Rough manhandling against a chainlink fence, with a zipper finish.
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01 Jan 2018
Kel holding her cunt open for me to slap pretty much as hard as I can, in between fucking.
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16 Apr 2017
Mixing fucking Kel pretty hard, and slapping and punching and pinching her cunt really really hard, while she comes everywhere.
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03 Dec 2017
Kel alternating screaming and giggling around my cock, while I’m hitting her cunt or being really mean to her nipples.
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25 Jul 2018
Convincing Dolly’s asshole to open up a bit for me.
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15 Jun 2017
Mixing intense electrical play with intense breath play while Nina quivers.
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02 Mar 2016
Raising the clamps on Endza’s nipples to pull her further onto her toes, but adding a Hitachi to make up for it.
09 Sep 2020
Endza tries to stay silent for a full minute of tickling, in order to earn the Hitachi.
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15 Jan 2017
Punching Kel’s asshole to orgasms, after taking that one last clothespin off it.
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04 Apr 2017
Poking at Nina's belly and thigh with a TENS wand turned up very high.
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