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16 Dec 2016
Endza getting fucked and having orgasms while covered in my piss.
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21 Oct 2019
Hazel being (quite reasonably) terrified of me zapping her asshole, but managing to ask for it anyway.
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29 Jan 2019
Fucking and slapping and punching Kel’s cunt until she’s a giggling mess of happy and can’t walk. 
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03 Oct 2020
Giving Autumn All The Orgasms, while she hits her cunt and watches herself in the mirror.
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07 Jan 2020
Autumn soaking the bed with epic orgasms from painful fucking and cunt-spanking.
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23 Dec 2019
Driving Autumn back and forth across the very edge of orgasm with hands, cock, and giant elastic band.
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25 Feb 2020
Finding out whether Autumn can have an orgasm at the same time she’s being tickled.
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15 Jul 2020
Autumn trying *so* hard to keep her legs open while I’m hitting her cunt with a meat tenderizer.
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27 Sep 2016
Endza wishing very fervently that my cock was not quite so long.
01 Dec 2021
Kel and I playfully shifting the scene around toward what we intended to focus on - hitting her cunt until it’s all swollen.
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