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17 Oct 2012
Autumn coming hard from having her cunt punched and fucked with a ridged steel rod.
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12 Feb 2013
Lucy asks nicely for (and receives) an orgasm while I paddle the plug in her ass.
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18 Mar 2012
Fucking Autumn’s ass hard.
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12 Jan 2013
Slapping Autumn’s cunt really hard, with a hand over her mouth to stifle her screams.
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17 Dec 2017
Syren working herself down onto the custom steel Bad Idea.
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07 Oct 2015
Taking advantage of Endza’s predicament to push a cold steel rod into her asshole, then make her come repeatedly.
21 Mar 2020
Embarrassing Endza by pointing out to her how much she likes things in her butt.
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27 Sep 2016
Endza wishing very fervently that my cock was not quite so long.
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23 Oct 2015
Endza enjoying the challenge of being stretched with larger toys.
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01 Jan 2018
Kel holding her cunt open for me to slap pretty much as hard as I can, in between fucking.
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16 Dec 2016
Endza getting fucked and having orgasms while covered in my piss.
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20 Aug 2016
Fucking Endza’s cunt deep and hard, while also fucking her brain pretty hard.
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07 Oct 2017
Using three of Kel’s more useful holes, in the pile of debris left by a fabulous scene.
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