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20 Mar 2020
Getting to use Jami’s tits like increasingly tender cat toys.
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06 Jun 2019
Syren and I being sweet while I fuck her throat.
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27 Sep 2020
Fucking Syren while she’s pinned in place by chest compression.
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08 Feb 2019
Jami and I doing some pretty intense play that is almost entirely verbal.
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30 Jul 2020
Hazel and I testing out extra-high frame rates on video of slapping her tits around.
12 Jan 2021
Hazel and I setting up for her first scene with a fuckzall.
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02 Oct 2018
Kel and I rapidly evolving ways to make the flappy ears work even better.
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16 Jan 2020
Hazel Rabbit discovering for the first time how much she *really* likes a meat tenderizer.
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19 Apr 2020
Playfully being mean to Jami, mostly hurting her cunt which is not getting less wet.
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12 May 2014
Lauren and I spraying down Madison with cold water while she's suspended helplessly in the air.
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