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24 Jan 2018
Fucking Amy Nicole with a rapidly-melting-but-still-huge ice dildo, and a gigantic steel dildo (sriracha bottle for scale).
05 May 2021
Spanking Kel’s frozen cunt, getting her off and freezing her bits some more, then a little entertaining caning. 
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12 May 2014
Lauren and I spraying down Madison with cold water while she's suspended helplessly in the air.
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22 Aug 2013
Terrorizing Rose with a rubber strap, a metal ruler, and a bunch of hot and cold water.
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19 Jun 2020
Fine-tuning my understanding of the best times to interrupt Autumn’s developing orgasms.
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02 Oct 2017
Getting Amy Nicole ready for my whole hand by pushing a very hot steel toy into her.
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07 Aug 2017
Doing some awful things to Amy Nicole’s cunt with hot, cold, stretching, and impact.
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31 Oct 2017
Amy Nicole and I getting started for an exploratory scene, finding yet new definitions of ‘warmup’.
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11 Oct 2015
Using big heavy trailer hitches heated to 120° Fahrenheit inside Nina.
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15 Jan 2018
Nina making some good faces at how much better steel holds heat than aluminum.
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