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13 Dec 2019
Getting Hazel off with some intense cunt beating, then getting me off, then getting her off again while she’s licking my come off my chest.
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16 Dec 2016
Endza getting fucked and having orgasms while covered in my piss.
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19 Feb 2019
Intentionally maximizing bruising on Jami’s ass and in her cunt.
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21 Oct 2019
Hazel being (quite reasonably) terrified of me zapping her asshole, but managing to ask for it anyway.
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05 Mar 2020
Jami getting a small and quiet orgasm, then whimpering when I don’t stop.
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28 Jan 2017
Kel sucking my cock with tiny clothespins on her nose (in case there weren’t already enough tears from choking on it).
13 Aug 2021
Finishing off an intense scene with Rose, first fucking her with a painful steel rod, then bruising her cunt with a few more hard slaps.
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