Autumn Using Steel

Updated: 2022-06-30
Published: 2012-03-17
Filmed: 2009-05-07
(omg so much nervous giggling) I tell Autumn told to use a cold steel rod to beat her own cunt until she comes, then fuck herself with it until she comes again. We alternate like that for a bit, then make sure she's properly warmed up for what we're going to do next with a switch to impact on her asshole.
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  • 2012-03: original post
  • 2021-10: video & audio quality, regrade, re-edit
  • 2022-06: audio quality, regrade, minor video quality

(Re-editing this scene broke naturally into five pieces not three, being able to use a bit more of it via stabilization. The original part 1 is now part 2, the original part 2 is now part 3, and the original part 3 is now part 5. Clear as mud?)

Screenshots from this video: