Warmup for Our First Assfucking

Updated: 2022-06-30
Published: 2021-10-04
Filmed: 2009-05-07
Autumn and I warm up for the first of many (many many many many because it turns out she’s a big pervert who likes intense butt stuff) times I've pushed my cock into her asshole. Having her edge herself with the steel rod is great warmup for both butt and mind. Once we start fucking, the camera pretty much becomes an unusable wobble-fest, but I did keep one great moment at about 6:49 where you can see her cunt squirting solely from the sodomy.
0:29 preview

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  • 2012-03: original post
  • 2021-10: video & audio quality, regrade, re-edit
  • 2022-06: audio quality, regrade, minor video quality

(Re-editing this scene broke naturally into five pieces not three, being able to use a bit more of it via stabilization. The original part 1 is now part 2, the original part 2 is now part 3, and the original part 3 is now part 5. Clear as mud?)

Screenshots from this video: