That hand around her throat…

Updated: 2022-05-15
Published: 2018-05-12
Filmed: 2018-02-27
I punch and paddle Dolly's butt, then move on to her tits and cunt and thighs. She got waxed very shortly before coming over for our playdate, so the paddling I've done so far has already created quite the sore and swollen. There are several really good bits in here- the camera angles worked out *perfectly* for a split-screen where you can see her anticipation and reactions to me hitting her from both front and back. I also do some subtle nonverbal helping her figure out how to process intensity, and it's pretty cute to watch. I think the gloved hand around her throat while I'm paddling her is extra good, ditto having her hold onto my hand with her hands to keep them out of the way while I do stuff she's afraid of.
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