too many hot camera angles I give up

Updated: 2022-11-16
Published: 2019-03-20
Filmed: 2017-09-28
Camera people mean less spontaneity, less playing just when you wanna play. Instead I set up several cameras, point them at where we’re going to be playing from different angles, and hope some of it works out. Sometimes it works out too well. While I was editing this I was agonizing over which couple shots to focus on most and when to cut back and forth. When I’m struggling with decisions like that, what I try to focus on is what would *I* like to jerk off to later. So, you get four camera angles mooshed together. None of them is reduced to less than 80%, I just arranged Very Carefully.

I fasten Jami into place for awfulness to happen, using shock cord wrapped very tightly around her tits, then ziptied off to a cross piece. She really, really can’t move. This is us setting that up, and her reacting to how much compression it is and how much she can’t move.

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