“Yeah fuck science”

Updated: 2023-01-17
Published: 2019-07-24
Filmed: 2017-09-28
This is the end of this scene, where we’re trying to send Jami home to her partners with the nice buttons (/bruises) they requested. She’s already crying from me beating her tits (which are turning purple from how tightly they’re fastened to the frame), but tips over into serious crying when I start hitting her butt with the flat side of the hammer before coming back to her breast one more time. I hit her maybe a half-dozen times total in this entire clip, but it is *plenty* intense. I included the untying process partly because there’s some hotness experimenting with bouncing one breast that’s still tightly wrapped, and partly to show some of the beginning of aftercare. We mostly snuggled in bed afterwards and there’s no video of that, but this was a heavy scene and I wanted to show a little of our reentry.
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