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16 Sep 2014
Pretty intensely slapping Nina’s face, tits, cunt, and stomach.
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25 Mar 2012
Wrestling Madison Young out of her cheerleader’s uniform, and taking lots of advantage.
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04 Jan 2013
Intimately slapping Sadee’s face.
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24 Apr 2019
Dolly giving wonderful reactions while I’m beating her thighs with belt, bat, boot, and fist.
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21 Apr 2018
Beating Dolly’s tender little cunt, and savoring her embarrassment at how wet it gets.
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02 May 2016
Flogging Syren’s front. She’s not sure how she feels about it, but see the title.
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03 Sep 2012
Sadee and I getting into headspace for a hot scene, lots of slapping and punching.
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19 Mar 2018
Slapping and punching Dolly’s ass and face with leather-gloved hands.
08 May 2021
Flogging Endza in some not-at-all-traditional ways.
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02 Sep 2018
Dolly earning rewards, and being specific about what kinds she likes.
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11 Sep 2012
Sadee and I trying to decide whether it's scarier when I slap her pussy, or punch her pussy.
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