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10 Mar 2019
Helping Syren process electricity and me punching her tits, by doing other things she does like.
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29 Jun 2017
Syren getting just enough air to alternate love-y and complain-y sounds while I’m pounding her cervix.
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09 Apr 2019
Mixing a lot of electricity with a vibrator she can’t get away from, over and over again for Syren.
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03 Apr 2016
Nina lying back for a very thorough cunt-kicking
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01 Mar 2019
Manhandling Dolly around on the floor, with her particularly enjoying a boot on her throat.
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01 Jan 2019
Escalating warmup to a boot on Dolly’s throat and a metal bat between her legs.
30 Jun 2022
Beating Jami until she pleads for something that she doesn’t want, then not doing it.
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10 Jul 2013
Playing with ice, hot water, and cold water with Rose.