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25 Feb 2020
Finding out whether Autumn can have an orgasm at the same time she’s being tickled.
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26 Jan 2020
Autumn having Feelings about the timing of my pauses in being awful to her asshole.
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18 Nov 2019
Alternating snapping the exercise band into the insides of Autumn’s cunt with fucking her to *almost* orgasms over and over.
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24 Apr 2020
Keeping Autumn right at the edge of orgasm by alternating assfucking and punching her cunt really hard.
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08 Aug 2019
Edging Autumn then eventually letting her have some great orgasms, all via impact.
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29 Jun 2019
Autumn trying so hard to get off by beating her cunt, but losing coordination every time she gets close.
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19 Jul 2013
Fucking Autumn’s ass while she watches in the mirror, making her ask to come.
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17 Dec 2013
Beating Autumn's cunt with a meat tenderizer, then making her ask very specifically to put her tongue in my ass.
20 Jul 2022
Lots of different kinds of cunt spanking, ending with an asshole spanking to orgasm.
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