“Exhibitionist” “Maybe”

Published: 2019-11-03
Filmed: 2010-10-11

Hazel discovers that she *really* likes watching me beating her cunt with my cock in the little flipped-around camera monitor. Also watching me jerking off against it and fucking it; I think this was a new view for her and it was possibly even hotter in the moment than it is watching it now. We were shooting the video as demo content for a workshop on Rough Sex so at first she’s watching to see how the framing is, but we very quickly discovered the bonus turn-on.

(We also got distracted quickly, c.f. her face out of frame for a bunch of this. Also, there’s a bit where I tell her to ask me not to do the thing she’s getting off to which is great for cognitive dissonance but also a little confusing to watch. The verbal stuff is hard to hear clearly, I included some extra snuggling for context and also because the degree to which we’re both completely high on arousal and endorphins is super sweet.)

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