So Much Awful

Published: 2019-04-28
Filmed: 2012-07-05

I am really awful to Autumn’s nipples, then her asshole, then her cunt (inside and out), with stinging nettles. She exerts some serious self-control to maintain an awkward position that we figured out to maximize her vulnerability while all this is going on. The welts take a while to come up so you can’t see them much in this video, but thanks to her desire to masturbate it later willingness to sacrifice in the name of art there are some very close shots where you can actually see the little stinging hairs on the stems and leaves.

We did this extra intense scene in 2012; Autumn and I were out for a walk last week and she described it as “fucking awesome”. I did edit into fewer and longer updates than I might have otherwise, because I wanted to provide the context of playfulness and orgasms mixed in with all her frantic-sounding no-no-no-ing. I also wanted to show what it looks like when she actually *does* need to change something, at the end of this chunk. She’s been holding a difficult position mostly unsupported, and after about ten times as long as I’d be able to hold my body like that she communicates (in an entirely different voice) that she needs to unfold. Further nettles ensue afterwards, but that’s the next video.

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